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Tough Times for the World's Oldest Trees

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Channel: SciFri
Categories: Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Its difficult to track but great change is afoot a top Californias White Mountains. This peaks of this landscape are home to the gnarled forms of the worlds oldest (non-clone) organisms, the bristlecone pine. Up here, where its cold, dry and windy, the bristlecone has few competitors. But with climate change, their reign may be at an end. Warming temperatures mean young new interlopers in the form of limber pines (yes, thats their species name) moving up the mountain sides. Tracking their slow motion migration, is the task of Montana State University researcher Brian Smithers. In addition to measuring the effect of climate change on Bristlecone and limber pines, Smithers is hoping to discover the methods by which these plants spread from mountain to mountain.
Produced by Luke Groskin
Filmed by Christian Baker
Music by Audio Network
Additional Footage Provided by Shutterstock, Adobe, Youtube User aGuy (C.C. BY 3.0)

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