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Transforming Cubical Star Box - Kinetic Toy - 6 models in 1!

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Channel: JeremyShaferOrigami
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[Rather Simple] How to fold a transforming Cubical * Star Box fidget toy that makes noise, spins, and collapses. The inside of the cubical box helps to amplify the sound which originates at the bottom of the box when you pull on the side flaps.
Here are the 6 models in order of appearance:
#1 Noise maker
#2 Kinetic Toy
#3 Blow Spinner
#4 Oscillation Fidget Spinner**
#5 4-pointed Star
#6 Cubicle Star Box

I didn't mention it in the video, but it also makes a nice gift box AND if you fold it out of big enough paper you can wear it as a hat or fashion it into a crane hat (you'll have to outside-reverse-fold one of the flaps to form the head).

As I mentioned in the video my designing this model was a synthesis of two different models which were designed with my students during Zoom tutoring sessions. The first was a spinning dragon nest designed with Kyoungwoo, and the other was a collapsible Minecraft Composter designed with Byron. From folding those two models I got the idea to try to make collapsible cubical star box. If you would like to design origami with me, I offer origami tutoring sessions on Calendly here: . During the sessions ideally you will come up with an idea for what to try to design and I'll walk us through the process or if you prefer I can supervise and offer suggestions as you try to design the model yourself. I also lead monthly group origami design sessions where you guys come up with the ideas and I walk everyone through the design process step-by-step. These group sessions are held on the last weekend of the month and are available to JeremyShaferOrigami members only - and these sessions are the main perk for becoming a member which costs $5/month. For membership info click here:
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*Yes I'm aware the the box is not an exact cube, but close enough.
**To make the oscillation fidget spinner use 3-inch square of paper.

As you've seen in my last two videos, designing new flashers is what I'm suddenly back into lately but we gotta mix it up a little, OK? This Starbox is a cool, rather easy model that does so much! I'll teach you one of my new Lightning Flashers soon -- stay tuned!

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