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Watch This Before You Eat Another M&M

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M&M's are truly a delicious candy staple. But where did the idea for them come from, and how have they become so popular? We decided to dig deep to discover everything there is to know about these delicious chocolate treats.

For many people, M&M's are a reliable part of many of life's celebrations. Whenever there's a birthday or Halloween celebration coming up, that's the perfect time to put out some M&M's in a bowl. And that's all due to the longevity of the brand. M&M's were first introduced in the United States in 1941 by Forrest E. Mars in Newark, New Jersey. But the inspiration goes back even farther than that.

Forrest's father Frank C. Mars founded a candy business in Washington state in 1911, and then he groomed his son to take on the job years later. As it turns out, Forrest wasn't too fond of how his father had been running his company, and he had a new candy idea of his own. So he sought out a business partner who might dive in on a joint venture of making little candy-coated chocolates.

Forrest Mars eventually paired up with Bruce Murrie, the son of William Murrie, who was president of Hershey's at the time. In the early 40s, the duo began making M&M's using Hershey's chocolate under their new company, Mars & Murrie. Mars ended up buying out Murrie entirely, taking Hershey's chocolate out of the picture, thus forming the company that makes M&M's, as well as Twix, Snickers, and more.

Watch This Before You Eat Another M&M!

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Origin story | 0:00
Soldiers first | 1:18
Expanding like crazy | 1:55
The "m" of it all | 2:39
Red hiatus | 3:20
Halloween prep | 4:06
Millions per day | 5:06
Green queen | 5:57
Brown comes to town | 6:46
A whole lot of sugar | 7:31
Microwaving M&M's | 8:21
Custom versions | 9:08

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