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We’re Closer to Unravelling the Mysterious Evolution of the T. Rex

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In its prime, the Tyrannosaurs rex was the apex predator of the world over 65 million years ago, but how did it get so big, so fast? Here are the latest discoveries we have about this colossal beast.

How Did Roboticists Get This Ancient Fossil To Walk? -

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Diminutive fleet-footed tyrannosauroid narrows the 70-million-year gap in the North American fossil record
"Whereas the Cretaceous record of Asian tyrannosauroids is rapidly growing (at minimum represented by six pre-Campanian species), and significant progress has recently been made understanding the timing of major evolutionary transitions within Asian representatives of the clade5,9, the pre-Campanian record in North America (NA) has remained entirely devoid of diagnostic body fossils."

T. Rex: The Ultimate Predator
"T.Rex: The Ultimate Predator Will introduce you to the entire tyrannosaur superfamily and reveal the amazing story of the most iconic dinosaur in the world through stunning life-sized models, fossils and casts, and engaging interactive. Visitors 12 and up can enjoy an immersive multiplayer virtual reality experience developed exclusively for this exhibition."

A deer-sized T. rex ancestor shows how fast tyrannosaurs became giants
"Eventually, the Cretaceous Period’s warming climate probably killed off the allosaurs, Zanno says, but not tyrannosaurs. “They rapidly increase in size and go on really quickly to become the dominant predators of Late Cretaceous ecosystems,” she says."


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