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We Could Harvest Electricity from Human Tears, This Is How It Works

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New research has found that an enzyme in tears can be used to generate electricity. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Scientists Have Discovered a Way to Generate Electricity From Tears And Saliva
“It's all thanks to a protein called lysozyme, which generates electricity when it's put under pressure, and if we can harvest it effectively it could become a new fuel source for all kinds of implanted devices.”

Harnessing Moisture From Evaporation Could Provide Vast Amounts of Energy
“Evaporation, the process that dries washing on the line and supplies clouds with rainwater, could one day produce vast stores of clean energy, researchers suggested on Tuesday.”

Disposable 'Bio-Battery' Gets Its Power From Bacteria
“Many scientists have figured out how to capture those electrons in microbial fuel cells and turn

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