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We May Finally Know Why Earths Magnetic North Keeps Moving

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Magnetic north keeps shifting, but we may finally know whats causing it.
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The Earth's magnetic north pole is shifting in two ways: Its moving away from Canada and toward Siberia, and it is accelerating. In fact, it is accelerating so fast that we have had to update our models of Earths magnetic field ahead of schedule.

The reasoning behind why our magnetic poles move and flip has always been a mystery, until now.

A team of researchers from Leeds University think they have nailed down just what makes Earth's magnetic poles move: blobs.

The team from Leeds used 20 years of data collected by satellites, including ESAs Swarm, and concluded that changes in flow at lower latitudes in Earths outer core have changed the magnetic flux, or the number of field lines, in two blobby areas.

Find out more about these blobs of magnetic flux in this Elements.

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