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We Tried 15 Mac And Cheese Brands. Here's The Best One.

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Almost-ready-to-eat mac and cheese isn't just an inexpensive food, it's also a convenient and surprisingly tasty one, no matter how old you are. If you're trying to find out which kind you should get, we did the legwork: here are the most popular brands, ranked from the worst to the best.

We love a boxed mac and cheese. Who doesn't? Part of the appeal is that there is some assembly required. You have to boil the water and cook the pasta, you have to rip open that powdery cheese packet and pour it in, and you may even add some butter if you're really feeling like flexing your chef muscles. But Lean Cuisine Favorites Macaroni and Cheese takes that sense of accomplishment away from us, leaving us with nothing to do but stare at the slowly rotating frozen brick in the microwave, wondering how all of our life's patterns became so cyclical.

Not everyone is a fan of frozen prepared meals, and it's not just because of their reputation as "lazy" foods. Frozen meals often just don't taste as good as fresh, especially when it comes to pasta, and that's definitely the case here. The cheese in this Lean Cuisine meal is almost like plastic, and the macaroni is limp, sad, lifeless, a far cry from the al dente delight you can get when you make your own pasta. You can definitely do better. Keep watching to see the best and worst 15 brands of mac and cheese.

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Lean Cuisine Favorites | 0:00
Stouffer's | 1:09
Banza | 1:55
Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value | 2:37
Kraft Original | 3:19
Simply Nature Organic | 4:06
Marie Callender's | 4:41
Kraft Deluxe | 5:14
Kroger Brand Original | 5:57
Annie's | 6:22
Trader Joe's | 7:08
Evol | 7:51
Velveeta | 8:40
Modern Table | 9:19
Back to Nature | 10:02

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