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Whats Actually in the Pfizer and Moderna Coronavirus Vaccines?

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Curious what's inside the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines? Let's go down the ingredient list one by one and find out why theyre all in there.
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The key, active ingredient in both Modernas and Pfizers vaccine is messenger RNA, what we call mRNA. mRNA is a molecule containing the genetic code that tells your cells how to make ONE kind of protein. Thats the spike protein on the surface of the virus.

Your cells read those instructions and then make that spike proteinwhich cant infect you on its own and your immune system learns how to recognize it. You start to build an army of antibodies, those are immune proteins that bind to the REAL virus and clear it away if you get infected. Then, after a while, your cells get rid of that mRNA, that genetic material, but your body remembers how to defend itself.

Now, we cant just inject straight mRNA into someones body, because your body is actually really good at chewing up and getting rid of foreign genetic material thats not supposed to be there. Thats where the other vaccine ingredients come in. Both Pfizer and Moderna contain a variety of lipids. The word lipid is basically just the scientific name for a fat or fat-like molecule. You can even see the word cholesterol in the lipid list for both vaccines, same as the kind thats in your body naturally. All of these lipids together form tiny little protective bubbles around the mRNA. One of the lipids sticks to the mRNA, others form the structure of the bubble and help it cross your cell membrane into your cells where it can be used, and other lipids keep the bubbles from clumping together. In both of these vaccines, this whole complex is called a lipid nanoparticle, or LNP.

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