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What’s The Best Age To Learn A Second Language?

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Have you been wanting to pick up a new language? It’s never too late! You might be surprised at how our brains learn second languages.

Does Being Bilingual Make You Smarter? ►►►►
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Teen Brains Clear Out Childhood Thoughts
“The mysterious goings-on inside teen brains have befuddled countless parents over the years. Now some insights are being provided by recent neuroscience research.
Between ages 11 and 17, children's brain waves reduce significantly while they sleep, a new study found.”

Age And The Critical Period Hypothesis
“In the field of second language acquisition (SLA), how specific aspects of learning a non-native language (L2) may be affected by when the process begins is referred to as the ‘age factor’. Because of the way age intersects with a range of social, affective, educational, and experiential variables, clarifying its relationship with learning rate and/or success is a major challenge.”

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