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What Do Artificial Sweeteners Actually Do to Your Body?

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Channel: Seeker
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Before you put zero-calorie sweeteners in your coffee, find out how these sugar alternatives are actually harming your health.

Your Gut Microbes Are Controlling Your Mind, Here’s What You’ll Do For Them -

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Artificial sweeteners can still lead to obesity and diabetes, study claims
“A new study from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University links artificial sweeteners to obesity and diabetes, claiming sweeteners change how the body processes fat and uses energy.”

Artificial sweeteners may damage blood vessels
“This study is the most in-depth exploration — to date — of the biochemical changes wrought by artificial sweeteners in the body. To achieve this level of detail, they used a technique called unbiased high-throughput metabolomics.”

Consuming low-calorie sweeteners may predispose overweight individuals to diabetes
“At a 0.2-millimolar sucralose dose similar to the concentration found in the blood of people with high consumption of low-calorie sweeteners—equal to four cans of diet soda per day—the researchers said they observed increased expression of genes that are markers of fat production and inflammation.”


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