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What Drugs Do You Need to Survive in Space?

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Channel: Seeker
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Traveling through space is rough on an astronaut’s body. What drugs do they take to cope?

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Preventing Bone Loss in Space Flight with Prophylactic Use of Bisphosphonate
“Crew members engage in physical exercise for two and a half hours a day, six times a week (fifteen hours a week) while in orbit to avoid these issues. Nevertheless, the risks of these problems occurring cannot be completely eliminated through physical exercise alone.”

Sensory Conflict Compared in Microgravity, Artificial Gravity, Motion Sickness, and Vestibular Disorders
“By modeling the sensory conflict between the vestibular and somatosensory systems, we computed a measure of linear conflict known as the “Stretch Factor.” We hypothesized that the motions with the greatest Stretch Factor would be the most provocative motions.”

The space-flight environment: the International Space Station and beyond
“Human space exploration is dependent on robust spacecraft design and sophisticated life-support technologies, both of which are critical for working in the hostile space environment. This article focuses on the specific challenges of the space environment.”


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