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What Happens When an Aircraft Catches Fire?

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Channel: Seeker
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The complications faced by air rescue fire fighters are unlike anything else. See how chemicals and velocity challenge an already intense job.

How Do You Test the World’s Fastest Jet Engines? -

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Riding Shotgun in a Fighter Jet
"Aerobatics has a long and storied history. In the early days of aviation, pilots would use aircrafts to entertain citizens, flying in artistic maneuvers to excite and draw grasps. As aviation advanced, military fighter pilots would master vertical climbs and loops to trick the enemy in dogfights. Mixing elements of its early theatrics and military grade precision, aerobatics today is more advanced and enthralling than ever before."

Fighting fires... with science
"For around ten years, the Underwriters Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute (UL FSRI) has been carrying out scientific research on the various techniques used by firefighters in the United States and around the world. This research has focused on evaluating the effectiveness and safety of current practices worldwide with the aim of developing even better techniques. In many cases the research has shown that a combination of techniques gives the best results."

Find Out More About a Career in Fire Protection at the US Air Force
"The Air Force operates with unusual materials and unique environments all over the world, so we need specialists prepared for anything. Acting as the firemen of the Air Force, Fire Protection specialists deal with everything from brush fires to burning rocket fuel and hazardous material fires. Upholding our mission to ensure the safety of others, these specialists don’t just act on Air Force bases, but assist civilian fire departments when needed as well."


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This is a custom episode produced in partnership with the U.S. Air Force.

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