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What Happens When You're Struck By Lightning?

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The chances of being struck by lightning are about 1 in a million. What exactly is lightning and what happens if it hits you?

Volcano Lightning: How Does It Happen? -
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What If I Were Struck By Lightning?
“Initially this seems like a fairly straightforward question. As it turns out, there are several ways a person can be struck by lightning, and the type of strike dictates the impact it can have on your body.”

Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity Research
“Cloud-to-ground lightning is the most damaging and dangerous form of lightning. Although not the most common type, it is the one which is best understood. Most flashes originate near the lower-negative charge center and deliver negative charge to Earth. However, an appreciable minority of flashes carry positive charge to Earth. These positive flashes often occur during the dissipating stage of a thunderstorm's life.”

Ten Shocking Things That Can Happen If You Are Struck By Lightning
“The heat associated with the lightning strike can cause clothing to catch on fire. In addition, clothes can be shredded by the explosive force of air being superheated by the lightning bolt. The force of lightning exiting a person’s foot can easily blow off shoes. The electric discharge of a lightning strike can instantly stop the heart and cause cardiac arrest.”


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