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What if Red Color Disappeared? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

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What if Red Color Disappeared?
Firstly, if red color disappeared, signals will stop showing red colored stop sign, people will not stop at signals anymore.
Secondly, if red color disappeared, rainbows will start looking incomplete.
Thirdly, if red color disappeared, artists will be super disappointed as they will have to work without one of their favorite colors.
Fourthly, if red color disappeared, doctors as well as nurses will be super confused as human blood will start looking transparent instead of red.
Fifthly, if red color disappeared, it will be difficult to recognize roses, apples, cherries, tomatoes as well as red chilies.
Sixthly, if red color disappeared, lipstick industry might suffer as red color is one of the best selling color.
Lastly, if red color disappeared, people whose favorite color is red will be mightily disappointed.

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