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What is the First Engine Ever?

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Channel: Branch Education
Categories: Physics   |   Science   |   Technology  
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How does water, fire, steam, and metalworking ignite a revolution? Here we explore exactly how the first steam engine, The Newcomen Atmospheric Engine works, and why it was revolutionary!

This video series is the winning project of the Europeana STEM challenge 2019 and was awarded funding for its production. Im grateful to the Europeana team for support in creating this series and providing invaluable educational resources.

If you were inspired to learn more and explore more about early ancestors of modern technology, or about thousands of other facets of the rich and diverse heritage of Europe, be sure to check out the Europeana Collections at Their extensive digital platform includes over 3,700 museums, libraries, institutes, and archives which have contributed over 50 million digitized images, artifacts, audio clips, artwork, books, films, and music.

Table of Contents:
1:16 Components and Function of the Newcomen Engine
3:55 How a vacuum can generate power
6:17 How much does water expand when evaporated?
7:37 Igniting a revolution in technology

Background Understanding:
Steam, Boiling Water, Air/ Steam Particles

Branches to:
Traction Engines. Understanding Air.

Animation built using Blender 2.79b
Post with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects
Sound editing with Reaper

Twitter: @teddytablante
Made by Teddy Tablante

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