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What Life On Other Planets Would Look and Sound Like

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Our planet is just one part of an infinite universe. Join us as we explore what living on other planets would look, and sound like.
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Be Amazed at what the surface on other planets would look like! Mercury - Mercury isn't only the closest planet to the sun, it's also the smallest one in our solar system. With temperatures ranging from -195 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and nearly constant meteorite impacts, it’d be a hard place to live. Venus - With surface temperatures averaging around 900 degrees Fahrenheit,Venus is the hottest planet in the Milky Way. And, much like its namesake, the Roman goddess of beauty, it’s a real stunner. Mars - Similar in size to Earth, the red planet has discernible seasons and average temperatures ranging from -195 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Jupiter’s Moon Europa - First things first, you couldn’t live on Jupiter. The planet is not only a hotbed of storms but made almost entirely of gas. But, scientists think that one of its moons, Europa, might be a good place for human life.

Saturn’s Moon Titan - Because of its rings, people consider Saturn the jewel of our solar system, but like Jupiter, there’s no way we could live on it. The planet’s largest moon, Titan, is a different story, however. Uranus’ Moon Miranda - Let’s talk about Uranus, or one of its moons at least. While a few of the planet’s 27 moons would be suitable for settlement, NASA scientists agree that Miranda is one of the better options. Neptune’s Moon Triton - As another gas planet, Neptune doesn’t have much of a surface to speak of. Pluto - Taking roughly 248 years to make one revolution around the Sun, Pluto is a frigid, unforgiving planet. Kepler 186-F - In 2014, NASA uncovered one alien planet that seemed particularly ripe for human habitation: Kepler 186F. Tatooine - Home to both Luke and Anakin Skywalker, Tatooine is integral to the Star Wars plot lines. While this desert planet is as geographically interesting as a brown paper bag, its sky is a different story. Instead of one star, it has two.

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