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What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

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One of science's biggest mysteries what caused the dinosaurs to go extinct may have finally been put to rest.
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Thanks to this recently published study in Science, we might have finally learned the truth behind what really killed dinosaurs once and for all.

Its been told that an asteroid more than 10-kilometers across slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula, putting an end to the dinosaur's long reign. But the actual cause of death has been the center of a decades-long raging controversy.

Many scientists have argued for alternative theories to explain what brought on the dinosaurs final days, including cosmic rays, an outbreak of disease, or as we previously reported, an inferno of blazing wildfires. But aside from the asteroid, there is another competing theory involving massive volcanic eruptions that happened around the same time, leading to some confusion over which is the actual culprit.

Find out more about how this newfound research could provide a definitive timeline that could likely end the decades-old argument in this Elements.

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Asteroid impact, not volcanic eruptions, killed the dinosaurs
"In a Yale-led study, published today in Science, analysis of marine fossils and climate models shows that the major release of volcanic gasses, thought by some to contribute to the extinction, happened about 200,000 years before the asteroid impact, making the asteroid the sole driver of the extinction event."

The Nastiest Feud in Science
"Before the asteroid hypothesis took hold, researchers had proposed other, similarly bizarre explanations for the dinosaurs demise: gluttony, protracted food poisoning, terminal chastity, acute stupidity, even Paleo-weltschmerzdeath by boredom."

How an asteroid ended the age of the dinosaurs
"Around 75% of Earth's animals, including dinosaurs, suddenly died out at the same point in time. So how was it all caused by a rock hurtling into the coast of Central America?"


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