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What Shape Do YOU See? The Most Incredible Optical Illusion!

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Channel: IncredibleScience
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Do you see a diamond or a cirlce? This ambiguous cylinder illusion is one the most INCREDIBLE optical illusions that exist! These are my favorite 3D illusions. You won't believe your eyes! Make one shape turn to another shape. Turn circles into squares. Showing you 7 of my favorite 3D printed illusions of all time. Turn diamonds into circles and turn hearts into circles! This ambiguous cylinder illusion actually was a Finalist of the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2016!! It's based on the works of Kokichi Sugihara from Meiji University, Japan. Zach King also showed some of these in this video here:

I actually will show you HOW to make your own ambiguous cylinder illusion out of a simple toilet paper roll.

My 3 year old son CJ wanted to join the fun so he tried to see the shapes and he was shocked to see the shapes change from a diamond to circle. He was so confused as to how it happened it was really cute. Basically the shape is a SQUIRCLE or a SQUare and a cirCLE combined to make a SQUIRKLE so when you move the shape one way it looks like the square and when you turn it the other way it looks like the circle.

See my full Optical Illusion Playlist here:

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