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What Would a Quantum Internet Look Like?

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In this episode, we're tackling the question that's on everyone's minds: what will it take to have quantum internet in our home?
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A quantum internet is in the works.

The U.S. Department of Energy recently rolled out a blueprint describing research goals and engineering barriers on the way to quantum internet.

The DOEs latest blueprint for a quantum internet in the U.S. has four key milestones. The first is to make sure quantum information sent over current fiber optic cables is secure. Then to establish entangled networks across colleges or cities, then throughout states, and finally for the whole country.

But what exactly is quantum internet? There is no real clear meaning beyond sending quantum signals back and forth, and there are a few ways to go about doing it.

In February 2020, the Department of Energy announced they had sent two entangled photons over two separate 42 kilometer fiber optic loops and had verified they were still correlated when they returned. They hailed it as a milestone on the way to developing a national quantum internet.

Find out more about the movement toward quantum internet in this Elements.

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The Government Is Building an Unhackable Quantum Internet
"Although headlines and research have focused on the power of quantum computing, were far away from any practical and recognizable computer powered by quantum phenomena. The idea of a quantum network, the DoE says, is far closer to our reach."

Quantum internet: the next global network is already being laid
"One qubit here and there is all a quantum communication network needs to function."

To Invent a Quantum Internet
"A quantum computer promises to be much better at that than a classical computer. But you can imagine that not everybody in the world will have a large quantum computer in their living room anytime soon possibly not in our lifetime."


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