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What You Still Don't Know About NASAs Mars 2020 Mission

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NASA's Mars 2020 mission is finally launching. Here's how the Perseverance rover will search for signs of ancient life on the Red Planet.
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If anyone knows anything about exploring the landscape of Mars its NASA. Their four previous rovers, Sojourner; Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity, have travelled around the planets surface for years inspecting everything Mars has to offer from rocks to horizons.

And now scientists want more than to just look at the red planet, they want a piece of it. So NASA is sending their most advanced rover yet, Perseverance, on their upcoming mission.

This missions landing site is Jezero Crater, and the launch of the new Mars rover is the first step in a series of proposed missions over the span of a decade to bring samples back, with all of the source material.

In this Countdown to Launch we speak with Mars 2020 Deputy Project Scientist Katie Stack Morgan to find out everything there is to know about the upcoming mission to the red planet, tune in to find out more.

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