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When Bears Fly? | JETBEAR

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Channel: Peacock Kids
Categories: Kids' TV  
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Captain gets zapped by aliens and falls from their evil spaceship three miles high! How will he survive? How will his roommate, Steve the duck, take this horrific news? Will his crush, Dawn the fawn, ever find love again? Will the song they sing get stuck in your head? Cause it's stuck in mine and I can't get it out! Yaaay!

Captain is a fun loving young bear who just wants to be normal. He lives in a regular forest, his roommate is a duck, he has a crush on a cute fawn, and just got abducted by aliens. Waaaiit a minute... one of those things ain't normal. What's Captain gonna do?! Find out on DreamworksTV’s first mini-mini Series, JETBEAR!
→ Credits ←
Jimbo Matison’s fault

Created, Written, Designed, Produced & Directed by Jimbo Matison

Jimbo Matison
Geoff Gossett

Edit, Audio Design, Score:
Jimbo Matison

Matt Levy

Executive Producer:
Birk Rawlings

JETBEAR: Jan Johns
DAWN: Jumi Cha
STEVE: Jimbo Matison
BOB: T Hunter McCann
CARL: Jimbo Matison
BIG BEAR: David Fremont

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