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Who is Responsible for the Revolution of Evolution? Vlog#15 HooplakidzLab

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Today I wanted to talk to you little bit about Evolution. All Though It has taken place over Billions of Years. It has started from Single Cell Amoebas to Advance Animals Species like 'Humans' Sounds Interesting. Let me know about the Vlog in the Comment section down below. Hope you Enjoy the video and Don't forget to Subscribe HooplakidzLab:

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  • MINECRAFTWATCHER Banned Added This hypothesis is wrong, God created man. And even so, why are there no more evolutions? We would see the specis inbetween. Why do moneys not live that long, if it takes billions of years, they would already be dead. While bird evolution may be true, they could always be different types of birds, and if you look up the subject, there is a story about a man who one day found a class of students at school, and the teacher was teaching them about evolution, which was against the law, the man was a christian, and he took her to court and the government agreed with HIS agruement about evolution rather than the teacher, who got the idea from Charles Darwin, who was still spreading the news.