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Why Are Rhino Horns Worth More Than Gold?

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What is it about rhino horn that has some believing it possesses powerful medicinal capabilities? What is rhino horn is really made out of?

3D Printing Rhino Horns Can Stop Poaching In Africa -
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Why Does Rhino Horn Cost $300,000? Because Vietnam Thinks It Cures Cancer And Hangovers
"It was in most respects a typical heist that happened in Dublin last month. Masked men, roughed-up security guards, $650,000 in stolen booty. But this wasn't art or jewelry that was stolen. The contraband, instead, was four rhinoceros heads. Or, more specifically, their horns."

Rhino Horn: All Myth, No Medicine
"Although few features in the animal kingdom are as magnificent as the horn of the rhino, such magnificence comes at a deadly price: The illegal rhino horn trade is responsible for decimating the world's rhino population by more than 90 percent over the past 40 years."

Alternatives To Rhino Horn
"Pharmacological testing at Hoffmann La Roche for IUCN and WWF in1983 published in The Environmentalist concluded that "rhino horn, like fingernails, is made of agglutinated hair and has no analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmolytic nor diuretic properties."

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