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Why Are The Biggest Animals On Earth Vegetarian?


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The biggest land animals are all on a plant-only diet. Why doesn’t eating meat make you big and strong?

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The maximum rate of mammal evolution
“How fast can a mammal evolve from the size of a mouse to the size of an elephant? Achieving such a large transformation calls for major biological reorganization. Thus, the speed at which this occurs has important implications for extensive faunal changes, including adaptive radiations and recovery from mass extinctions. “

The Costs of Carnivory
“Our model provides insights into dietary changes and the evolution of body size in mammalian carnivores. Using a simple energetic model, we predicted that hunting costs and resulting energy requirements would increase with an increase in prey size.”

On the Rareness of Big, Fierce Animals: Speculations About the Body Sizes, Population Densities, and Geographic Ranges of Predatory Mammals and Large Carnivorous Dinosaurs
“Although some workers have suggested that tyrannosaurs and other large theropods were able to achieve huge size only by becoming sluggish carrion-eaters, an alternative explanation is presented here.”

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