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Why Aren't Modern Animals As Large As Dinosaurs?

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Categories: Archeology / Paleontology   |   Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Since the prehistoric age, we haven't seen any animals as big as dinosaurs. So just how did dinosaurs get so big?

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How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds? ►►►►
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"In January 2016, the Museum added another must-see exhibit to its world-famous fossil halls: a cast of a 122-foot-long dinosaur. "

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"Without a doubt, the sauropod dinosaurs were the largest animals to have ever walked the earth."

Dinosaur Era Had 5 Times Today's CO2
"Dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 250 million years ago knew a world with five times more carbon dioxide than is present on Earth today, researchers say, and new techniques for estimating the amount of carbon dioxide on prehistoric Earth may help scientists predict how Earth's climate may change in the future."


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