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Why Being A Failure Is A Good Thing

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Many of the world's most successful people have failed many times before finding success. Here's why failure is so important.

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23 Incredibly Successful People Who Failed At First
"Rejection can feel devastating, but you shouldn't let it crush you. Some of the world's most successful people have failed - sometimes more than once. We've put together a list of highly successful people, from movie stars to scientists, who experienced massive failure before they found fame and fortune."

Why Flunking Exams Is Actually A Good Thing
"Imagine that on Day 1 of a difficult course, before you studied a single thing, you got hold of the final exam. The motherlode itself, full text, right there in your email inbox - attached mistakenly by the teacher, perhaps, or poached by a campus hacker. No answer key, no notes or guidelines. Just the questions."

The Science Behind Failure: How It Actually Makes You Smarter
"It seems that with the Silicon Valley gold rush, we have received a new model for success: failure. We have all heard of the rags to riches stories from entrepreneurs who went bankrupt (Walt Disney, Donald Trump), were fired from their first companies (Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey), lost all of their investors' money (Henry Ford), or blew up their first company (Bill Gates, Paul Allen). And then later, of course, they succeeded. Rightly, failure has become a topic de jour as a result, and many individuals consider failure to be a badge of honor."

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