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Why Cats Love Sleeping On Your Bed!

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5 Reasons Why Cats Like Sleeping on Your Bed

For those who do let their cats sleep with them, you are probably wondering why they love it so much and almost insist on it every night. Well, here are 5 reasons why your cat sleeps on your bed.

#1. Your body heat is alluring.
Your cat is always going to curl up in the warmest of places in the house. Whether this is newly washed laundry that has come out of the dryer or is on the windowsill where the sunbeams hit. This is primarily because our cats have an average body heat of 99.5-102.5 Fahrenheit, so when the surrounding temperature in the environment is colder than this, they are going to look for a nice warm area to maintain their temperature. With this said, the easiest way to do that is to absorb your body heat without much effort. If you dont have warm window ledges, a space heater, or warm laundry sitting around, they are going to look to you to stay warm. This is also why cats love to cuddle with you more during those winter months.

#2. You make them feel safe and secure.
Cats will always remain alert, even when they are sleeping. They even have specific sleep modes that allow them to stay alert while they doze. Ever seen your cat sleeping with one eye open? Yeah, thats them getting their naptime in while still being on watch for predators or danger. Because cats need to sleep for so long during the day, they may prefer to actually cuddle up with you so that they can lower their guard down and get a restful sleep in.

#3. Cats are extremely territorial.
While you know that your bed is your bed, your cat may think it is theirs and they are simply just letting you sleep with them. This may seem a bit like a negative thing, but it all honesty, it means that they have enough trust in you and so they let you sleep by their side. Ever wonder why your cat cuddles into almost everything in the house? Thats them marking their territory and your bed is no exception.

#4. Comfort above all.
As you already know, all of those blankets, soft sheets, and fluffy pillows make for an extremely comfortable place to lie down. Your cat knows and understands this too and wants in on the comfort that your bed offers. Cats tend to sleep between thirteen and sixteen hours a day, so theyve tried out all of the most comfortable spots in the house, and they are going to agree with you that your bedroom is the coziest.

#5. They are displaying their love for you!
We often think that our cats dont love us nearly as much as our dogs do, but thats simply not true. While they can be very independent, they do miss you when you are gone from home for a long period of time and will want to cuddle with you when you get back. Sleeping with you in your bed at night, is one way that your cat may try to show their affection towards you. Your cat will try to keep you warm and safe, and may go as far as sleeping on you, butting their head into you, and licking you. Ever woken up with your cat above your head on your pillow? Thats love.

But Should You Allow Your Cat to Sleep with You?

It is perfectly all right to allow your cat to sleep beside you in bed at night, permitting that you do not have any allergies to your cats hair or dander, and they have been de-wormed and vaccinated. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you may not want to let them up beside you as they can track pests, dirt, and other unsavory things into the bedroom.

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