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Why Do Doctors Use Stethoscopes?

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Since the invention of the stethoscope in 1816 by French Physician René Laennec, the role of the stethoscope has evolved dramatically. Doctors now use a myriad of technologies such as CT scans and ultrasounds to diagnose heart and lung conditions. But does that doesn't mean that stethoscopes have become obsolete.

In modern medicine, stethoscopes remain an important screening tool. If doctors or nurses hear something odd while listening to your heart or lungs, they may follow up with a more sophisticated test to confirm the finding. For example, if a doctor hears a heart murmur in an older person who is having recurrent fainting episodes, they will order an echocardiogram to confirm whether that person has a common heart valve condition called Aortic Stenosis.

In resource constrained settings, basic tools such as the stethoscope can be incredibly useful to help screen for important medical conditions and also help make critical decisions (eg whether a person needs to be sent to a major hospital to drain fluid from around the lung).

In future, the role of the stethoscope will continue to evolve as techonology changes. Perhaps there may come a day where stethoscopes are no longer used routinely. However for the near future, doctors and nurses will continue to use stethoscopes in their work.

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