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Why Is It Called "Dead" Sea? Why Does Everyone Float In This Sea?

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Channel: Science ABC
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Lying on the lowest point on the Earth, the hypersaline Dead Sea is one of the most fascinating places on this planet. People float effortlessly here and that is the major attraction of the Dead Sea. But besides this natural buoyancy, unique environmental characteristics, abundance of salt and minerals, and the conspicuous absence of natural flora and fauna have piqued the interest of researchers and science enthusiasts for decades. With a salinity above 342g/kg, it makes it very difficult for usual marine life to thrive in this water. That's why it is called the 'Dead' sea.

The most riveting part about the Dead Sea is that you can keep floating in the Dead Sea automatically even if you don't know swimming! High salinity makes Dead Sea water denser than a human body. Thus, people naturally float in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea also feels very different than other water bodies. It feels greasy and oily. Moreover, you cannot really swim or dive in the dead sea on account of its dense saline water. You simply stay afloat and enjoy the surreal feel!

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