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Why Scientists Are Exploring Earths Dangerous Twin

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Channel: Seeker
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NASA and the ISRO are planning on venturing to Venus for the first time in years because knowing this "Evil Twin" could be the key to understanding our planet's future.

Sunshields & Nukes: What We Need to Terraform Venus and Mars

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Can Venus Teach Us to Take Climate Change Seriously?
"That world is Venus, Earth's "evil twin," which was once nice enough until something went wrong and the atmosphere began trapping a little too much heat."

Why Is NASA Neglecting Venus?
"In the 18th century, Venus was the organizing force in international science. When humanity was finally able to stretch its arms toward the solar system, the first place it reached for was Venus."

Venus is Earths evil twin and space agencies can no longer resist its pull
"With such limited topographic data, researchers have a blurry view of Venuss geology but the available maps do hint that plate tectonics might be kicking into action today."


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