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Why Sharks get Creepier the Deeper you Go

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Channel: Natural World Facts
Categories: Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Why Deep Sea Sharks Appear so Mysterious. Sharks have ruled the deep sea for 450 million years. A time during which sharks have adapted and diversified into an array of weird and wonderful species. Many, like the well-known Great White Shark, have adapted to life in the open ocean, as apex predators at the top of the food chain. But the deeper you go into the gaping void of the deep sea, the more peculiar and otherworldly they become. Lets take a look at these fascinating, yet often misunderstood inhabitants of the oceans.

From the deep sea goblin shark and the sixgill, to the elusive Greenland shark and frilled shark, we'll take a look at why deep sea sharks appear so peculiar.

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00:00 - Introduction
00:58 - The Wonder of Sharks
01:26 - Adaptations of Pelagic Sharks
01:44 - Sharks of the Deep Sea
02:15 - The Evolutionary History of Sharks
02:43 - The First Modern Sharks | The Hexanchiformes
03:08 - Living Fossils | Ancient Adaptations in Sharks
03:29 - The Frilled Shark
03:40 - The Sixgill Shark
03:56 - Why Ancient Sharks Inhabit the Deep Sea
04:48 - Why Deep Sea Sharks have Large Eyes.
04:56 - Biofluorescence in Sharks
05:16 - Why Deep Sea Sharks are so Gigantic
06:04 - The Greenland Shark
06:32 - Feeding Habits of Deep Sea Sharks
07:02 - The Goblin Shark
07:21 - The Megamouth Shark
07:55 - Conclusion: Why Deep Sea Sharks are so Unusual


Footage used is from YouTube, MBARI, OceanX, the Ocean Exploration Institute and the Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Music Used:
Psychic Magic by Unicorn Heads
A Mystical Experience by Unicorn Heads
Cumulus Nimbus by Quincas Moreira

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