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Why Summer Is Hot But We Can't Predict The Weather

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Channel: The Royal Institution
Categories: Astronomy   |   Environmental   |   Physics   |   Science  
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Kate tries to use science to find the perfect summer holiday destination, asks why summer isn't the same everywhere, and investigates the many-layered science of the seasons.
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If climate and temperature were determined purely by the tilt of the earth, predicting the weather would be pretty straightforward. But climate is actually the result of a whole bundle of factors, from altitude to proximity to water, ocean currents to butterflies. Kate navigates the fine line between weather and climate, asks, is there anywhere on earth you can go and be guaranteed year-round idyllic holiday conditions?

This film is part of our series that provides the blueprint for a scientifically perfect summer. Taking a different topic each Thursday, the videos will gradually build up an equation for summer perfection; a summer survival guide certified by science.
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