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Why You're Probably Not a Simulation

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Channel: Cool Worlds
Categories: Astronomy   |   Society / Culture   |   Philosophy   |   Science   |   Social Science  
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Have you ever have a dream you were so sure was real? The simulation argument challenges our very notions of reality by asking whether everything we perceive is nothing more than an elaborate computer simulation. Recently, we've even seen headlines like "one in a billion" probability that we live in the real world. Could this be right? How does this affect how we think about our lives? And are there any counter-arguments to save us? New research from the Cool Worlds Lab resolves.

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Thank-you to Kevin Clark, Tom Widdowson, Denny Smith, Stephanie Hackley, Mark Sloan, Laura Sanborn, Kolos Kantor, Patrick Herman, Abel Aganbegyan, Claudio Bottaccini, Daniel Brunk, Douglas Daughaday, Scott Fincher, James Kindred, Andrew Jones, Jason Allen, Steven Baldwin, Jason Black, Stuart Brownlee, Shivam Chaturvedi, David Denholm, Tim Dorais, Glen Downton, Eneko Urrestarazu, Gordon Fulton, Sean Griffiths, Peter Halloran, John Jurcevic, Niklas Kildal, Jack Kobernick, Wes Kobernick, Valeri Kremer, Marc Lijoi, Sheri Loftin, Branden Loizides, Anatoliy Maslyanchuk, Blair Matson, Ocean Mcintyre, Laini Mitchell, Jeffrey Needle, Andr Pelletier, Juan Rivillas, Bret Robinson, Zenith Star, Lauren Steely, Ernest Stefan-Matyus, Mark Steven, Elena West, Barrett York, Tristan Zajonc, Preetumsingh Gowd, Shaun Kelsey, Chuck Wolfred, David Vennel, Emre Dessoi, Fahid Naeem, Francisco Rebolledo, Hauke Laging, James Falls, Jon Adams, Michael Gremillion, Pierce Rutherford, Trev Kline, Tristan Leger, Lasse Skov & Takashi Hanai.

::Our new paper upon which this video is based::
Kipping, David (2020), "A Bayesian Approach to the SImulation Argument", Universe, 6, 109:

::Other references used::
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00:00 Prologue
01:39 Simulation Argument
05:34 Consequences
10:01 Counterarguments
20:32 Probability
28:01 Nulliparous
32:01 Finale

::Video clips used::
Matrix code clip by thebiggsmith
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Fly through space video by ESO/L.Calada/
Supernova simulation by S. Drasco/C. Ott/SXS Collaboration:
Blackhole simulation by ESO/S. Brunier
Atom visualization by Nature Videos
Data center footage by G Suite/Google
Elon Musk interview by Recode
Neil deGrasse Tyson clip from StarTalk
Simulation debate clip from AMNH

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Music used is licensed by (SS) [], or via Creative Commons (CC) Attribution License (, or with permission from the artist
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