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Will Ice Cream Melt On The Way To Space!?

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Channel: Nick Uhas
Categories: Astronomy   |   Chemistry   |   Science  
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Beaker Creatures:

It’s space week so I wanted to do an experiment getting as close to outer space as we can get with a giant weather balloon.

I know that hot air rises, but that as it rises it begins to cool which is why the outside air temperature on top of mountains is cooler than at the base. I also know that the air cools roughly 5.4 degrees F per 1000 feet, and a weather balloon rises about 1000 feet per minute. So with that being the case if I sent up an ice cream cone up on a weather balloon would it melt or stay frozen before it got to the edge of space ?

Our weather balloon was launched from Independence, CA at about 3pm PST. It reached an altitude of 97,000 feet about 2 hours later. Once the weather popped at this height it began to descend back towards Earth. However instead of being blow back into the valley where we launched it from it went 22 miles further east into DEATH VALLEY! After a 3 hour drive and a one hour hike through the desert at midnight, we finally found our payload! (everything below the balloon). By the time we got back to Los Angeles, the whole crew has been up for over 25 hours straight!

This was by far one of the most fun videos we have ever worked on, and I will admit I had an amazing crew with me to make it happen!

Production Team:
Producer: Kathy Sue Holtorf
DP: Sam Mosco
DP/Editor: Griffin Louis
Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas
Best Girl: Opal Roo (the dog)

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