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Will Lining The Toilet Seat Protect You From Germs? | What The FAQs | NowThis

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Do you cover the toilet seat with toilet paper before you use a public bathroom? Or hover over the top? Youre not alone, but it might not be as effective (or necessary) as you think.
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On this episode of What The FAQs, Andy speaks with a doctor who specializes in infectious disease and preventative medicine to learn about bathroom science and the germs we come in contact with daily.

On any given toilet, there is an average of 1,200 germs per square inch while the average human carries up to a kilogram of microorganisms, which are found on the skin, genitals, and in the gastrointestinal system.

So it isnt that surprising or unlikely that organisms can be left on the toilet seat. But our bodies are covered with our own set of bacteria that work like a shield to prevent outside germs from getting in.

And while you can pick up bacteria on your skin, that doesnt necessarily mean youre going to get an illness from them. And as for that layer of toilet paper protection between you and the seat, the toilet paper just delays the time it takes for bacteria to get to your skin but doesnt stop it.

Your hands are the main gateway for transmitting germs into your body when you do things like touch your mouth or your eyes, which is why it is so important to wash your hands after using the restroom.

Learn more about bathroom germs in this episode of WTFAQs.

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