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Wood Carving Horse in Motion (stop motion)

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Channel: S-Carving
Categories: Fine Arts   |   Crafts   |   Film  
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This video has very ancient origins, whose initial idea dates back to the third year of high school, was 2013 ... our math teacher retired and was replaced by a very pretty young lady, as expert as a b***h .. . why? you may be wondering ... She simply tested us by lot ... he took his pathetic pencil case and filled it with slips of paper with our names ... The worst thing was that at the end of the lesson she put the name of the victim back in the pensil case and he could be interrogated the next day! I wasn't the kind of student who applied himself every day so instead of concentrating on the study I decided to think of a Wheel of the "(S)fortune" that I could give to the b***h ... naturally it would have been loaded and my name would never have come out ... Fortunately for me, I noticed that the same people were always tested and thanks to my attention deficit I converted that wheel into a gamble ... the horse race would be its theme ... and on the wheel there would be small sculptures that rotating would have given the illusion of the horses that run ... unfortunately I was designing more interesting sculptures and this one ended up forgotten until a Facebook acquaintance suggested me to start producing stop motion video ... the first attempt was a clip that you can see at the end of the video of the bees and the cherry blossoms (I hope you have already seen it) and since I particularly liked it I decided to Continue the horses project... inspired by the photo collections of Eadweard Muybridge I decided to start with whole blocks of poplar wood (an important decision also because in those first seconds of stop motion contains 70% of the total work and the poplar it is a wood easy to carve) and give the impression that the horse is not static in the material ... the end result is the authentic 3D cinematic ... you can touch it with your hand


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