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Worlds First and Largest Exoskeleton Racing Mech

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A man by the name of Jonathan Tippett built Prosthesis, which is the worlds first and largest, purpose-built, off-road exoskeleton racing mech, which was designed and made to pioneer an entirely new sport of mech racing.

It even has a Guinness World Record certification as the worlds largest four-legged exoskeleton.

Now to be clear this is not a robot, its not controlled by a computer or some kind of remote control or joystick system, it is completely controlled by a single person sitting inside the cockpit, controlling it with his own arms and legs.

When the pilot moves his arms and his legs, each of his movements will be transmitted then amplified by the four giant legs, so good physical health and stamina, will be absolutely essential to control the robot.

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Here are some of the things it is capable of and that Johnathan has done with it so far

Towing a Dodge RAM and flatbed trailer, with a combined weight of more than 4500kg (10,000lb), out of the desert sand when it got stuck during a testing deployment (see our intro vid for a teaser)

Climbing on to and off of same trailer (self loading)

Towing a 12,000kg (26,000lb) Fire truck

Shoving a rusted out school bus out of a yard when the tow truck got stuck.

Climbing over a 660cm (26 inch) high concrete traffic barrier.

Climbing on to a 1.4m (4.5 ft) high dumpster and crushing down the contents so we could get the lid closed. Photo here .

Lifting objects up to 1000kg (2200lb)

Top recorded speed to date: 5.6km/h

Height: 4m
Width: 5.5m
Length: 5.1m
Weight: 4000kg
Power: 200hp
Power plant: 350kg lithium ion battery running twin AC motors, driving hydraulic pumps.
Charge time: 5hrs
Runtime: 1hr training 20min racing
Material: CrMo steel



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