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You Can Now Feel 3D Images, Thanks to This New Tech

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3D images you can not only see, but feel and hear? This is not a drill.
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Imagine an interactive, 3D representation of some object or person or infographic, that you can see, touch, and hear. While it might sound like something out of Star Wars, you dont have to imagine anymore because the tech is hereor rather, something like it.

But how?

Unlike its sci-fi counterparts this 3D-imaging technology is not a hologram, but rather a multimodal acoustic trap display.

Heres how it works: The tech employs a tiny foam bead with an approximately 1-millimeter radius. The bead is made out of a lightweight plastic called polystyrene, and is acoustically trapped in a pocket of low-pressure air created by ultrasound waves coming from transducers on either side of it.

The computer system that controls the transducers emitting the ultrasonic field can be programmed to manipulate said field to move the pocket (and the bead) around in 3D space.

That single bead is moving so fast that human eyes register it as a line rather than a single particle, but that isnt the only cool thing this moving particle can do. It can also appear to look like different colors and emit sound and vibrations that you can feel on your own skin.

Find out more about how this new impressive tech actually works and what it could mean for the future of data on this Elements.

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