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Your Eyes May Look Like This One Day

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Take a close look at the eye in this picture. Why does it look like that? Is it a bionic eye? What are those lines? Almost 185,000 people a year have eyes that look like this, at least temporarily.
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For instance, you may get Glaucoma, which damages the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain due to a buildup of pressure in the eyes, and may lead to blindness, especially if it goes untreated. If you ever suffer from one of these conditions, you'll get symptoms that include; glare, which presents problems in dim or bright light, and blurred vision, especially in the morning. Once the cornea is permanently damaged, whether by Fuch's dystrophy or another disorder, the best treatment for some patients is a corneal transplant. Another problem limiting the supply of corneas is that many people choose not to be donors. In some countries, cornea donors are especially rare.

Fortunately, there are some people who feel differently, especially in Sri Lanka. The majority of citizens are Buddhist.

In 1961, a Sri Lankan doctor named Hudson Silva started the Eye Donation Society, and in 1964, he opened its first eye bank. Silva's eye bank has grown, and in 2014, the Society exported more than 2,500 corneas.

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