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The KidzSearch FREE App provides all the features found on the web version of, but with the convenience of it running on a tablet, smart phone, and Windows desktop app.

It is available for the Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple App Store for iPads and iPhones, and the Google Play Store for all Android devices.

When using the App, kids cannot directly enter a website and must use Our Strict Safe filtered results to find content.
There are many other features, like Safe Image Searching, Mobile Games, KidzTalk Homework Help, KidzTube Learning Videos, Top Sites, Mobile Safe Radio, KidzNet Moderated Social Network kids, and more!
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"I am so happy that they created this app. I wanted my 12 year old daughter to safely use the internet. This is the only way that worked, while still keeping parental controls on her Kindle. The app works great. It works right after download. No need to adjust settings or add new passwords. My daughter was so happy that I added it to her Kindle, that she said I was the coolest mom ever. Now she can safely use the internet for school work and to have fun with. I am very happy with this app. This is my favorite app for a kid's kindle. I think all parents will appreciate it too."

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Get it on the iTunes App Store Get it on Google PlayGet it on the Amazon Fire
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