This border collie named Axel is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a 17-year-old Texas boy, Gabriel Silva, who was experiencing a stroke. Read how this dog save his life.

Meet Pearl, a two-year-old female Chihuahua who Guinness World Records officially crowned as the world’s shortest dog living. Pearl measures 3.59 inches tall, meaning she’s shorter than a standard remote control or a popsicle stick.

Meet Stubbs the cat and learn how he became the actual mayor of a city in Alaska for 20 years! Residents of Talkeetna believed that no human candidate was worthy enough to lead their town.

For hikers and mountaineers, El Capitan is widely considered one of the most brutal climbs in the world, but not for this 8-year-old boy. Sam Baker is the youngest person to climb El Capitan.

We all love Halloween and getting candy, but do you know the real reason why we celebrate Halloween? The answer may surprise you.

We live in an extremely fast-paced world. So many people go through the motions of their daily lives, filled with distraction and stimulation. A very easy technique anyone can do in minutes called mindfulness can quickly bring peace and reduce stress in your life.

When you hear the word hero, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe a person with superpowers, a cape, and a mask? Meet Ryan Honary, a young climate activist who invented a device to detect early wildfires.

Calling all Minecraft fans! May 17th is a day celebrated just for you and is when the game was first released to the public in 2009. Read about the games interesting history and learn some fun facts too.

Read about the life-size model of the classic Ferrari F40 made of 358,000 Legos featured at LEGOLAND California. Visitors can sit inside it and even build their own creations to race against other people.

Life can feel overwhelming at times. These great hacks for kids will help you study better, keep your shoes from getting untied, wake up on time, and more!

Simone Biles, the world's most decorated gymnast, has become the first woman to perform a Yurchenko Double Pike move in a competition.

Antarctica is surrounded by icebergs, but one measuring over 105 miles recently broke off, making it the world's largest iceberg. Learn all about it and why it is a very special event.

The US House of Representatives has voted 216-208 to make Washington, DC, the nation's 51st state. The bill still needs more approval by Congress to pass, but it is supported by President Joe Biden and many representatives.

Mattel Toys has released a new Helen Keller doll. It is the newest addition to Barbie's inspiring women series. The doll is very authentic and even comes with a braille book similar to what Helen Keller used after she was born deaf and blind.

Tanitoluwa Adewumi is a 10-year-old from New York who just became the country’s newest national chess master. When he started, Adewumi and his family were living in a homeless shelter.

Located in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite National Park is famous for its giant, ancient sequoia trees and impressive rock formations. However, during a brief two-week-period, the 1,500-foot-tall waterfall frequently transforms into a spectacular natural Firefall.

Celebrated annually on February 14th, Valentine's Day is one of the few holidays that is enjoyed almost everywhere. In the United States we exchange greeting cards and give candy, flowers, gifts, and special meals. However, not all countries celebrate it the same way.

The cameraman zooms in on the anxious elephant, who paces back and forth. However, the pachyderm's demeanor instantly calms down upon hearing a soothing ballad from Disney's Cinderella by none other than American singer and actress Cher. The now viral video was the culmination of the pop singer and animal activist's quest to save Kaavan - "The world's loneliest elephant."

Take a sip of lemonade and you taste an explosion of flavor. The sweetness of the sugar and the sourness of the lemons burst on your tongue. But the tongue does not taste all by itself. It needs the brain to take chemical signals from food and turn them into what we sense as sweet and sour. Scientists didn't quite understand how taste got mapped in the brain. Until now...

Joe Biden has won the 2020 election and will become the next US President, replacing Donald Trump.

The 2021 girl scout cookie season will have a new addition called Toast-Yay! This toast-shaped cookie is full of French toast flavor.

Scientists at Meiji University in Japan have come up with something they call a “taste display”. The device can create the taste of any chosen flavor when it is pressed against the tongue.

Utah-based company “Ice Castles,” makes acre-sized frozen fortresses as a tourist attraction in different naturally very cold cities around the U.S. that try to replicate the Disney movie "frozen".

Lawmakers are thinking of lowering the voting age down to 16 instead of 18. Teens are already learning and caring in high school about the president and government, so why shouldn't they vote?

Karina Martinez has "princess eyes" due to a rare genetic condition called Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.

Over a million LEGO pieces were used to build an authentic looking Bugattio Chiron Replica that actually drives!

These unusual looking special glasses can help prevent motion sickness by using moving fluids in the glasses to let your brain know you are moving.

A soccer team in Thailand got stuck in a deep cave while exploring it for over 18 days. Water sealed the exits back to land. Read how they were all saved.

Sushi Chef Yujia Hu makes amazing food you can eat that looks just like different types of sneakers which he calls “Shoe-shi.”

A Columbus artist created what people are calling the "Ultimate Selfie Experience." Visitors step inside a special photo booth to create giant 3D selfies of themselves.

During space walks from the International Space Station, sample swabs were taken. Russian scientists claim that bacteria was found which was never present before it left earth. It could be the first signs of alien life ever discovered.

Scientists now say that sticky glitter decorations are an ecological hazard that needs to be banned across the globe. Many fish swallow them.

Teomirn is an app for Microsoft's HoloLens that projects a virtual reality piano teacher into your home that teaches you how to play songs.

GE has developed themes for MRI machines, like spaceship adventures and cable cars for specific hospitals to make the scans less scary for children.

In Times Square NYC, tourists will now be able to take an up-close digital dive deep into the sea without ever getting a drop of water on them as they explore the ocean depths.

The Crayola crayon company announced a new shade of blue joining its color collection called bluetiful to its 24-count crayon box.

This $40M indoor 49,000 sq ft exhibit includes very detailed scale models of famous structures, cities and landscapes, such as the Eiffel Tower, pyramids of Egypt, Time Square, and Niagara Falls. It even has mini self-driving cars.

Sienna, who is just 9-years-old and from London, became the first ever child Lego designer after entering a contest.

A new dinosaur has been found that is the largest on record. Named Patagotitan mayorum, this giant is over 122 ft (37m) and weighs more than 12 elephants!
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