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Who likes Avery Molek the drummer?

+8 votes
asked May 18, 2016 in Other by Tyler The Drummer

Because I like his song covers because I'M a drummer also!

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I only have to lose 2 more baby teeth to get them!! SO EXCITED AND SCARED!!

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I have KidzSearch on my Samsung Note 4.

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Or ambidextrous/right handed

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I play the drums!

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whoever coded kidzsearch is a genius because i can code a spinning emoji and thats it. coding is difficult and requires great skill! ;)

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THE QUESTION IS "Who loves and rides horses?" Well I Don't know about you but I love and ride horses. I can walk trot and canter but I do not know how to jump I do English riding.

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I may be watching it...

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I'm watching but mostly cuz it's homework. But I'm so excited!!!!!!!

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