I Like somebody but I don't know if he likes me (Your questions, Answered!)

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asked May 28, 2016 in Girls' Advice Column by GymnastPower (38,560 points)

From Lightbulb

You can ask him if he likes you, or you can wait ing let it play out. You can always simply drop hints.


"I like you." (Tell them why, that may flatter them) "Will you go out with me?"

"I think I like you"

Hints to drop

"So I like this guy, and I'm not sure if he likes me, (Say things about him, but not so specific ((EX: *what to say* He lives on the same street at me, *What not to say* ^His Address, the color of his dog, his mom's name, his favorite color, ^)) )

If you're dropping hints and you're ready to ask, golfer it! (Go for it) (A picture of a golfer giving you a thumbs up was supposed to be here, but images break often)



4 Answers

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answered Sep 8, 2016 by rae (88,710 points)
Okay, bruh; nobody just ASKS someone if they like them. That part wasn't very helpful.
commented Sep 8, 2016 by -Moonlight- (65,130 points)
Ya cause if you like say do you like me he will.think you are weird
commented Sep 8, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (118,530 points)
Yeah that's WAY embarrassing
commented Sep 8, 2016 by Dancer727 (23,490 points)
When you get older it's not as much
commented Sep 11, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (118,530 points)
So you're fine going up to someone and saying you " Hi I Have A Crush On You Wanna Go Out"?
commented Sep 17, 2016 by -GEMHeart- (291,430 points)
Or sayin': "Hi <WhatsHisName>, I like you and I have a crush on you and I want to go out with you" and they are like, "What the heck, why is this girl asking me to go out with her when I dunno even know her"!

Ladies and gentlemen, DONT TELL SOMEONE YOU LIKE THEM LIKE THAT!!!!!!!
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answered Sep 7, 2016 by Red wings all the way

If you think he looks at you alot and sort of stares at you then heart go for it!

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answered Jun 1, 2016 by Mrs.cupid
Ask him! If you really like him then be courageous and just get to know him.he will eventually tell you if he has feelings for you
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answered Jun 1, 2016 by rae (88,710 points)
So..where is it??

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