This is NOT what I meant when I said I wanted a pool in our backyard (story chapter 1)

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asked Jul 3, 2016 in Fiction by girlwriter8 (1,490 points)

Lisa could hardly keep still in the seat of her mom's car as they drove to the pool. 

"Dang, Lisa. What did you eat for breakfast today, Mexican Jumping beans cereal?" Lisa's mom teased, as she drove. 

Lisa laughed. "I wish we could go to the pool everyday. That would be so cool. Or," Lisa paused to gasp. "What if we had a pool in our backyard? I really wish we had a pool in our backyard!" 

"If we did, you would never come out of there." Lisa's mom said. 

That was true. Ever since Lisa had learned how to swim, she wanted to be on the Olympic swimming team. Lisa loved everything about swimming. The feel of gliding in the water, the splashing of the water, even the wrinkles you got on your fingers after swimming for a long time. Even though Lisa and her mom didn't live near the pool, Lisa tried to go at every chance she got. 

Today, they were going to the pool. If only Lisa's mom would drive faster! Finally, half an hour later, they arrived at the pool! 

Lisa gazed at the water as they set down their stuff on the deck chairs. The water was so still, no ripples, no people, just calmness. But all that would be ruined when Lisa did an epic canon ball in! Lisa smiled at the thought of that. 

When Lisa was sure that they were done putting their stuff down, Lisa grabbed her goggles, put them on and started to go to the pool to ruin the water's calmness. Mauh, ha, ha, ha! devil!

"Lisa!" Mom called. Lisa turned. Uh-oh. Here it comes. Lisa cringed. "You need to put on sunscreen before you get in." Lisa's mother held up a bottle of sunscreen. 

Lisa did a walk of shame back to her mom. What if somebody ruined the calmness before she did? Lisa hated it when that happened. 

Lisa was tortured while her mom put on the cold sunscreen because Lisa was facing the pool. ARGH!!

"Okay, you can go swim now." Lisa's mother said. YES! Lisa took of running at full speed. 

"GERONIMO!!!!" She yelled, before doing a huge cannon ball and landing in the water. The calmness was broken. 

Right before she landed, Lisa noticed that the pool was over flowing. This would make this day a lot more fun.

But, then, Lisa's jump worked too well! The water somehow was multiplied when Lisa the water. And, now, the water was moving to flood the city! 

And it was all Lisa's fault! 

To be continued........

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