How To Clean A Plate Of Something You Hate

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"Eat up!" your Mom cries while handing you something's that looks and smells like dirty socks. There at some foods you only have to look at to throw up. But if your forced to eat gross grub, here's how to handle it:


Sauces can really hide the flavors of foods. Here are the 10 most flavor covering sauces.




4:Spaghetti Sauce


6:BBQ Sauce


8:Soy Sauce

9:Tartar Sauce



You might get some odd looks if you put soy sauce on so called "meatloaf" but its better than eating the dish itself.

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answered Jul 22, 2016 by FancyRatLover
Hey thanks. I hope this helps me . I hate broccoli that is cooked. Will you please visit my story "Dash of Foxes"? Its a story I just wrote on here. I hope you find it good. Thanks again!

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