Do you know what happened on the longest day this year?

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asked Jul 25, 2016 in Today I Learned... by FancyRatLover/ChristainGirl
A Jupiter eclipse happened! It only happens once every 50-60 years, and I saw it!

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answered Jul 25, 2016 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,820 points)
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commented Jul 26, 2016 by FancyRatLover/ChristianGirl
Yeah! It was all orangey, and real bright!
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answered Jul 26, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (116,740 points)
I saw it!
commented Jul 26, 2016 by FancyRatLover/ChristianGirl
Cool! It was really neat, don't you think?
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answered Jul 27, 2016 by rae (86,990 points)
you mean the blood moon? if that's what you mean, then yes; I've heard of it but didn't  watch it.
commented Jul 27, 2016 by FancyRatLover/ChristianGirl

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On Christmas day, the first full moon happened that was never on Christmas day after 38 years.Isn't that cool and interesting! I just learned it from my teacher on Monday.

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you can change the color!!!!

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And I thought that baby was fake! Back in the 1920's, the 4 month year old was skechted on a piece of paper by a neighbor. Soon, since the Gerber company was searching ... Now, I've got my answer and her age! Who knew Gerber was even alive by then?

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Go to the main Kidzsearch page and scroll down to music. Press it and scroll down some more.K-Love is the last line, and it has a blue background. K-Love is ... encouraging", and its a Christian radio station! The radio station is 88.3 FM. Enjoy!

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What is September 11th attacks about and events

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Honestly, I didn't really like anything that was happening around the world except for the movies and songs. Lots of movies and songs were awesome hits this year.

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Im just curious

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What is it and what's the duration?

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It's a black caterpillar with 2 stripes of green on both sides (different shades), and a brown stripe underneath them. Also, it has a small orange head and feet. ... my garden and am giving it food and water, and it's getting plump! -♥CraftyGirlJuJu♥

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We would be in the dark but we would have the lights and stuff so we would still have the moon..... but then then it would be night time forever

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What is the longest amount of time you can spin your fidget spinner while on a table? I was able to almost get up to 3 minutes with mine. I have a "Street ... got from Walgreens. What are your best spin times and what brand of spinner do you have?

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do you know the store called michales ales sarah?????

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so my mom works with NASA, she says the moon isn't real... and that it is a dying star. what do you guys have to say about that? she told me, but I wanted other opinions

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Cause I really need to know for my schoolwork fast!!!!

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She's been gone for quit a while.................

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I thought it was the other way around!

asked Nov 15, 2016 in Today I Learned... by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,820 points)
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Tell me down below. This is for the news paper.

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When my cat died but i got another cat

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I know that The First Practical Implantable Pacemaker. Image source. ... Microwave Oven. Image source. ... Penicillin. Image source. ... Ink-jet Printer. ... X-Ray Images. ... Artificial Sweetener. ... Post-it Notes. ... Potato Chips.

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Should we move to another planet or find a way to save earth

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