I think the scientists were wrong about the star sirus

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If you dont know what I am talking about here let me explain. In the 1950s or 60s scientists found to stars known as Sirus A and B. They then compared it with the dogon tribe theory. The dogon tribe believe there were two stars. One was orbiting the star and there were planets orbiting both of those stars. On one of those planets there is life. The aliens on the planet went to Earth.Here is to explain it

The problem is that Sirus A and B do not has planets orbiting them.But there is two stars that do have a Earth-like planets orbiting it.The planet that is orbiting both of those stars is known as Kepler-453 b. This planet was discovered by hobble I think. It was found on the year 2014. Nobody even thought about the dogon when they discovered the planet. But when I was watching a video about the dogon tribe I remebered the planet Kepler-453 b. Then I add things up . But probally I am wrong and they are correct and probally they will find a planet orbiting Sirus A and B.

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