what is the best job a 11 year old can have for the summer.

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asked May 28, 2013 in Other by anonymous

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answered Mar 18, 2017 by Hakuna Matata! (830 points)

Guys, some of these are very good ideas. Such as lemonade stands and washing cars, but I don't think that you should babysit if you're only eleven. I'm very sorry, but most people don't hire eleven year olds to babysit. When you're older, that would be great! However, you can do things such as volunteer to wash dishes and mow lawns, as other people have said, or weed and plant flowers for people.  I'm sorry if I sounded mean when I said people wouldn't hire to to babysit, and I'm sure you're very capable, most people just wouldn't hire eleven year olds. Hope this helps!

commented Mar 18, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)
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answered Feb 16, 2017 by Cow Boy (32,410 points)
I used to sing with my grandma. I would get over 15 bucks in tips some times
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answered Jul 7, 2015 by william bell
Cooking food
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answered Apr 21, 2015 by arkzo (421,960 points)
Mow lawn, clean dishes, clean peoples car, teach people how to use tech, math, and more. Make foods ( chicken, chips, etc. ) then sell them. make videos on YouTube and share them on social media, monetize. Help your library ( on computers, etc.) Make something awesome.  Help schools. Clean your room.

  This might be for the younger kids, set up an Lemonade stand.
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answered May 29, 2013 by mathgeek36 (41,590 points)
You can babysit or mow people's lawns. Or you can volunteer at the library or somewhere else. It's kind of hard to get a job if you are 11 years old due to child labor laws.

Hope this helps!!
commented May 29, 2014 by anonymous
reshown Aug 2, 2014 by kidzsearch
i will babysit all day where at
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answered May 29, 2013 by smile828 (32,010 points)
edited Apr 2, 2017

smileyBabysit,voulenterring at hospitals,helping your friends or neighbors ( mow the lawn, wash there cars..., helping the library.

Hope this helps!smiley

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answered May 29, 2013 by Cupcake549 (32,390 points)
1 help watch kids

2 make friendship bracelets( if you are a girl)

3 car washes

4 make pretzels ( or any food as long as you are aloud to)

hope it helps

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