i am scared of sharks. im going to the beach with my friend!! pls help me!!

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asked Aug 2, 2016 in Personal by HungerGames1234 (5,790 points)
im going to the beach with my friend. im leaving sunday but pls respond before saturday. im going to charelston. my dad said that there were 15 shark "incedints" last year. he said there wans't that many this year but im still scared!! also he said people fishing on the peer want to catch sharks so they will dump dead bloody fish into the water to catch them. i know  that he wants me to be carefull. and he's not the type of parent that would "joke" about this. so pls help!! my friend asked me if i would go out kinda far i said yes i. I NEED HELP!! PLS ANSWER ME BEFORE SATURDAY!!

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answered Sep 4, 2017 by anonymous
The bull shark, the tiger shark, and the great white shark are the only sharks that pray on people. The mistake you for seals. When they notice how bony you are (all people are bony so it is not anything bad) they will spit you out. Most people who are killed die from the loss of blood when nobody goes with them. Just don't go swimming in a place where shark live by your self.
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answered Jun 12, 2017 by Taboosinss (2,210 points)

Don't go in the water and you will be fine.oh and they only bite humans because they think their seals. And some of them don't eat seals at all too

shark that's a shark by the way lolemoticon-00100-smile

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answered Dec 4, 2016 by teamkatniss (2,590 points)
I know I'm late but the chances of getting attacked by a shark are 10 in 1000. You could also think of it as you are more likely to get hit in the head by a coconut in Wisconsin (Chances of 13 in 1000) than get attacked by a shark at a beach if your only at the beach for like, 1-6 hours. Well, in the water I mean. If this helps at all, than see how the fish look. If there are a lot and then they all run off than that probably means that there is a predator nearby. You can also look for a sudden change in temperature or color in the water. This will mean either, someone peed in the water or there is blood nearby. The shark fin shooting through the water is complete fiction. I hope this helps for the future. Good luck getting over your fear of sharks. Oh and either way for the temperature change or color change, get out of the water. Pee is gross and sharks are dangerous!
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answered Oct 26, 2016 by -Moonlight- (64,660 points)
and sharks only swim in deep water not the shallow water
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answered Oct 13, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (117,240 points)
More people are killed by vending machines than sharks every year in America. So chill out! Just don't go far out into the water with an open wound- sharks can smell blood.
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answered Oct 13, 2016 by scarlet

hey i know a thing  as others answered 

  • it is real but if you are still scred then please dont go to swim . wink​​


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answered Aug 6, 2016 by Panther :)

Don't worry about it . I went swimming when I was in California and there were no shark atcks. Focus on having funsmiley God is with u so there is nothing to worry about it

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answered Aug 6, 2016 by GymnastPower (36,980 points)

It depends on where you are. I highly doubt a shark will attack you in 1-2 foot water, if there's a shark in that shallow of waters, it's probably sick or dead. Also I don't recommend going in deep, like, if the water is touching your neck, you should go back in, and also look at the news for tide changes (A tide CAN sweep in fish and dead animals) Also, be extremely careful, (I'm telling you this girl to girl), Sharks can smell blood. Also, Don't pick anything up that isn't yours or your friends. (Sunglasses,bracelets bows, etc) If you see something in the water, DON'T PICK it up. (i know it may be tempting to pick up a bracelet, but, say you pull it out and maybe a crab or something was on the other end. OUCH!) Also, sharks aren't the only deadly thing, you shouldn't touch things in tide pools. Also, red tides are very dangerous to look out for that!

Remember the basic rules of the beach (or most beaches)


-No littering

  • Always check with the lifeguard regarding beach/ocean conditions
  • Never dive into unknown water or shallow breaking waves
  • Do not ride waves that are breaking in shallow water or on the beach
  • Do not swim near fishing piers, rock jetties or wooden pilings
  • Rely on your swimming ability rather than a flotation device
  • Keep your feet in the sand, until the lifeguard’s in the stand!
  • ALWAYS SWIM WITH SOMEONE ELSE (bring an adult in the water too)
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answered Aug 3, 2016 by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,800 points)
Don't worry. I once read in an article that a shark attack is more rare than winning a lottery ticket. :)
commented Aug 4, 2016 by rae (87,620 points)
commented Dec 4, 2016 by teamkatniss (2,590 points)

That's true. Your also more likely to get hit in the head with a coconut in Wisconsin!wink

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answered Aug 3, 2016 by Dancer727 (23,150 points)
Ask yourself what are the chances that you'll get attacked by a shark? It rarely happens and when an attack does occur, it's usually provoked. As long as you're careful, nothing should happen. Have fun at the beach!
commented Aug 3, 2016 by HungerGames1234 (5,790 points)
thank you guys this really helped!!

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