Anyone able to draw humans well?

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asked May 30, 2013 in Music / Fine Arts by AlterCinto (5,340 points)
If so, how are you with anatomy? Especially hands and feet. I also have trouble with perspective (poses, different points of view, etc.)

I draw anime, not realism, but I don't think there's much of a difference as far as this question is concerned. Anyone have any tips?

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answered Oct 4, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (283,710 points)
Here I am, commenting a year later than before. I've got some tips now! When drawing anime, start with stick figures if you have trouble with bodies, How I draw hands and feet  is by drawing blocks, then you "flesh" them out by drawing within the block. Angles are hard but observing and constantly drawing that angle will make it become 2nd nature. Also, perspective rule: things farther away get smaller. On bodies, that would be the feet if you're looking down at the person, and if you're looking up, the head would be a bit smaller.


Hopefully this helped.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (75,210 points)
I cant draw humans that well.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (283,710 points)
Just... don't worry about mistakes. That's my motto. Always edit later!
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answered May 18, 2015 by Lydia Thompson
I'm pretty good at drawing people. I draw cartoon people. Try making them look more life like, try drawing portraits of your self.
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answered Jul 23, 2014 by arkzo (424,180 points)
but honestly i like to draw
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answered Jul 22, 2014 by arkzo (424,180 points)
I can't draw humans well.
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answered Jul 24, 2013 by kristy84 (2,820 points)
edited Apr 2, 2017

I like drawing . But i honestly can't draw people well .frown

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answered Jun 2, 2013 by smile828 (32,100 points)
edited Apr 2, 2017

I'm okay at drawing humans. I love to draw.

I usually draw cartoon humans.

 smileyIn art class ,my art teacher said to keep on looking back and forth at the person you are drawing, use the element of shading to shape parts that don't have lines, but a shape,and don't put the eyes all the way on the forehead,, put it a little lower about where the top of  your ears are. I used those tips and they really helped my self portrait to look like me.smiley

Hop this helps!

commented Jun 3, 2013 by AlterCinto (5,340 points)
edited Jun 3, 2013 by AlterCinto
Yeah, my teacher told me mostly the same thing. I hate doing self-portraits, but I can draw made-up people just fine, well, sort of, or else I wouldn't be asking for help, haha. Thanks though!
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answered May 30, 2013 by mathgeek36 (41,740 points)
Sorry, I do not have talents in artistic things. In art right now, we are doing self-portraits, and my teacher just said to take it step by step.

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